Why does my muse only work in the worst situations? When I’m actively trying to brainstorm I get nothing! When I’m bored and playing video games, watching TV, surfing the web, or anything else unproductive my muse doesn’t work either… My muse only works when I’m not ready, or in the worst possible situation! Let me explain…


Middle of the Night:

For some reason, my muse works in the middle of the night and not just any night… Usually, it’s a night where I have to get sleep before and important day at work or and exam at school!

So here is what happens, I wake up between 1am and 2am and a full chapter I had been struggling with comes to me all at once! I then stay up for hours writing it all in my notebook, that I keep on the side of my bed, before I forget any of the important details… Before I know it, my alarm is going off and I have gotten no sleep!

In the Shower:

Why do all these amazing ideas come to me in the shower?! It’s not like I can write or type out all these great ideas while I’m showering! I’m always rushing to get out so that I could jot all these new ideas down before I forget any major details… Why muse? Why?!

While Driving:

My muse doesn’t work when I am a passenger and have the freedom to write in my notebook. No, it works when I’m actively driving to a place or event that I am late to. It’s not like I have the option of pulling over when I’m late! Guess I should start carrying a recorder for my vehicle…

In the Movie Theatre:

Yet again my Muse works when I’m trying to enjoy a movie. It’s not as though I can write in the dark… Besides, it would be rude for me to leave my party while I go sit in the lobby to jot down my ideas!

In the Middle of Class:

Of course, my muse would work during a time I have to be paying attention to an important lecture! Why wouldn’t it? Now I have to make a decision… stop taking notes and write down all my thoughts… or pay attention to the lecture and hope my short-term memory will retain as many details as possible!


Why can’t my creativity work on demand! It’s so frustrating! Oh well, I guess I have to make do with what I’ve got. I should just be happy that it works at all…

Thanks for listening to me vent!