As I have mentioned, Eidolon is the unofficial title of my first novel. Today I wanted to explain what the genre of the novel is rather than just simply stating it because I usually like to know what the book contains. For example, when someone tells me that a novel is sci-fi, I’m usually not satisfied until I get some more specifics. Sci-fi/ Fantasy, as well as most other genres, can encompass a lot of different things. This is why I would like to give a little more detail without including any of the plot.

Overall, Eidolon is a Sci-Fi/ Fantasy novel. However, there are some mystery aspects and a hint of romance. I would like to think that it has a little of everything for everyone and can be enjoyed by a wide variety of people.


How is it Sci-Fi/ Fantasy?

This book has a futuristic setting that takes place in our very own galaxy. There are many different worlds as well as many different alien races. The technology used throughout the story is highly advanced and complex. For example, there is the use of: spaceships, hovercraft, pocket dimensions, artificial intelligence, synthetic intelligence, nanite tech, and more. As for the characters, many of them possess various different magical abilities, powers, and talents. As you can tell it’s a pretty good mix of magic and science!

How is it Mysterious?

I don’t want to spoil anything! Let’s just say that…. Nothing is as it seems.

How is it Romantic?

Before anyone gets the wrong idea about the romance aspect, let me clarify something… This book is NOT focused on lovey-dovey, squishy, smutty, or predictable scenes. I believe I have created the perfect moments that both men and women will be able to enjoy without anything too over powering for men (not saying all men are prejudice when it comes romances!) or too boring for women (not saying all women absolutely love and need romance!).

The friendships, bonds, and relationships actually mean something. Even the enemies (antagonists) have a deep, connected, and intimate meaning, with their relations to others. But what does this have to do with love?

The romance is slow, and I mean slow! In fact, you probably won’t even notice it for a good portion of the book. I developed the characters first, and I actually make them get to know each other over long periods of time, as any real human interaction would be! If there is one thing I dislike about a lot of stories, it is love at first sight! I’m sorry, but you cannot sell that concept to me… Friendships, relationships, and even enemy relations to other characters take time!


Honestly, I’m in love with my story and I hope you will be too. I will be making a post about the intended audience at a later date! I will also be writing a post on what inspired me to come up with such a story, which may give you a better understanding of the novel.

I hope you don’t mind that I am a writer who gets to the point… My post are quite short compared to others… This may be a result of my eagerness and impatience… But maybe that’s not a bad thing…

Thanks for reading!